the original granular mole repellent.


Molexit is a 100% natural and safe way to rid your lawn of destructive moles.  It is saFe, clean, and easy to use.


Molexit is the original granular mole repellent.  Developed in 1996, Molexit takes the effectiveness of castor oil and combines it with the ease of a granular product.  Simply hand or broadcast spread Molexit over your entire lawn and send your moles running! 

Molexit was designed with the homeowner in mind.  Our original formula creates a product that is clean enough to apply by hand, yet strong enough to contend with the most stubborn moles.  With Molexit, there is no more measuring, mixing, watering, or searching for active mole runs.  Molexit's original time release formula allows it to start repelling moles right out the box and continue to repel moles for 4-6 weeks as the product naturally biodegrades into your lawn.